Justin Bieber Nail Polish: Coming

Raise your hand if you’re tired of hearing (or not hearing because all the piercing screams have rendered you deaf) about every little thing Justin Bieber ever does. Now raise your hand if you’re tired of seeing the little twerp’s face on everything from magazine covers to backpacks to lunchboxes. Well, it’s only going to get worse from here on out; I don’t think we’ve even hit the halfway point of the Biebermania hurricane. Now, Bieber’s people have found another way to drain the wallets of tweens’ parents everywhere. Bieber nail polish. Yep, you read that right.
Bieber is working with Nicole by OPI to bring his nail polish line called “One Less Lonely Girl” to stores. So tweeny bopper ladies, when wearing his face on a t-shirt and blasting “Baby, baby, baby, baby….” (those are all the lyrics, right?) on your iPod don’t make you feel close enough to the Biebs, you can now wear a color named after one of his songs on your fingernails! They come in totally revolutionary shades too, like “Me + Blue” (which is dark blue) or “Step 2 the Beat of My Heart” (which is heart shaped glitter). The really obnoxious one, however, is OMB! (bright red) which promotes the worst Bieber-fication of a phrase ever; that’s right, OMB means “Oh My Bieber” because OMG just can’t contain the fanaticism. The word 'ridiculous' can’t contain my feelings about this nonsense.
But this is only the really weird tip of the ice berg, folks. Bieber’s got a whole slew of stuff to shill just in time for the holidays. We’re talking about his first book, Halloween costumes (I wonder if they come with a lesson that famous hair-flip), a line of dolls (creepy), a 3D concert movie, Christmas cards, bracelets, life-size cardboard cutouts, water bottles, pink fuzzy pillows shaped like his initials, and even underwear. (That last one’s just creepy; aren’t most of his fans 13 year olds?)

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