Oprah Winfrey Sends Wendy Williams A LETTER(STORY)+VIDEO

Oprah Winfrey sends Wendy Williams a personal letter to clarify rumors involving Gayle King.

Oprah put an end to Wendy Williams' speculation that her legendary friendship with Gayle King is in trouble.
When King announced that she was leaving Winfrey's network to host CBS' new morning show, Williams worried that the move meant a break-up for the two best friends. 

Oprah must have heard, because one of her people sent her a letter reassuring her that she and Gayle are fine.
On Wednesday, Williams read a copy of the treasured letter, joking that the original was in a locked vault in her office. "There is only happiness for Gayle and this wonderful opportunity," the letter said. The letter was signed, "Love, Oprah" and Williams added her own post-script: "Stay black."
It was truly an exciting moment for the talk show host, who gushed over the former daytime diva and had already gotten teary-eyed over the applause from her audience earlier in the morning.

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